One more day, “WoDN” will release tomorrow!

Pre-download is now available! You can pre-download the game and in-game patch
The server expects to start at 15:00 pm (UTC+7)1️⃣ More Day![b]✨
Prepare to enter the “World of Dragon Nest” on 8 Jan.
- Pre-download is not available currently, please be patient to the official release.
- "World of Dragon Nest" currently only available in SEA region.
In addition, Pre-register Event & Reward Hunter Event are ongoing.✨
To participate pre-register event, please go to "WoDN" official website and select pre-register
Fill the region and your mobile number to complete the pre-registration

🎁 Pre-register Event
x50 HP Potion
x2 Normal Resurrection Scroll
x100,000 Gold
x1 Pioneer Gear Box
x1 Tricycle (Exclusive Mount)
x100 Red Diamonds
[b]🎁 Reward Hunter Event (Page Like)
[/b]* You can "Like" the Official Facebook to be one of the contributors to the event.
x3 Normal Resurrection Scroll
x5 Ceberus Nest Ticket
x50,000 Gold
x1 Fatigue Potion (S)
x100 Red Diamonds
⏰ Delivery: 8 Jan (After the release) - 31 Mar @23.59 (UTC+7)
📌 Notes
- The rewards will be sent to your mailbox in the game.
- Please claim the rewards within the delivery time, or the rewards will disappear automatically.
"World of Dragon Nest" Discord: