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Open Core Tower Defense Gameplay
No one should feel unfamiliar with tower defense game. As a classic game genre, its could trace back to FPS and RTS genre. From the arcade game <Bastion> to the TD map in <Warcraft> and until <Plants vs. Zombies>, <Bloon TD>... Over the decades, tower defense games have spawned many new genres. As a simple and easy to understand game mode, it still has a large audience in the game field.
And the game <Candy Disaster>, is also an innovative tower defense game. Compared to traditional tower tower games it has innovative gameplay, thus players can move the 'tower' (in game, it's trap) on the map randomly(either direction or rotation) without extra cost, and the 'tower' (trap) could interact each other by specific placement, which has brought the rich playability and challenge.
Cute and Hilarious Nonsense Style
Candy Disaster has a cute and hilarious nonsense art style. The monster walks with its head wagging, and death does not like regular games covered in blood, but you can see that all parts of the body will be scattered on the ground. The game already has high potential to be popular in the future, even though there is some tiny lagging problems on the low end mobiles.
Interesting Trap Design
The game is full of interesting trap effects, for example:
The 'Springboard', its function is to launch enemy in four directions. However, due to the existence of terrain damage, such as enemies will fall into the water and die directly. So the position of the 'Springboard' becomes very important!
In addition, if there is no pond in the level, use the spring to send the enemy back to the starting point where is full of your traps is also a wise choice.
Another example is 'Super Punch' & 'Mechanical Arm'. 'Super Punch' can push the enemy away, while 'Mechanical Arm' pull the enemy back. Both of them could change the position of the enemy, causing indirect damage.
Beside, 'Auto' is a key feature in game. If you turn the trap into 'Auto', no matter whether the enemy passes through, the trap will be automatically operating.
It doesn't look very useful, but combined with 'Fan', it can have unexpected effects. The 'Fan' can change the trajectory, and even turn the crossbow kind of traps into a perpetual motion machine with huge damage!
In addition, the game is totally free on mobile! That's pretty sweet compared to steam's $13 price.
I really like the fun gameplay and I'm looking forward to future updates. Btw, the developers are pretty active as well.
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