✅ Music, sound, graphics and all characters design & skills are really good in this game, feels like every conversation or dialogue in the game makes sense, automatic doors of shops and other places and their effects are awesome lol, all in the game is so well done, I can see so much effort on everything.
✅ Auto run and other options, great ideas 👏.
✅ Difficultt choose and very intuitive game, I didn't skip any dialogue, the story and events are so interesting wow again I'm surprised.
❌ Game in beta phase, monsters only to lvl 23 (anyway is great).
❌ Little bugs will be fixed for sure.
❌ The gamepad isn't the best yet.
💡 Gamepad with bigger separations.
💡 Option to disable/skip fight animations (like pokemon games).
💡 Better character customization.
💡 In character's home, create a closet on character's room to change outfit (you could create an Ikea building to buy closet and other things to place them in the future haha).
💡 Civil registry building to change name.
💡 Change character sex on laboratory or something.
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allucardy. play
allucardy. play
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