Maggie's Investigation Notes: Chiaki

// Etheria ID: Chiaki
// Faction: E-13 13th High School
// Animus Protoplasmic Capabilities: Fantasy Realization
-- "Want to join me in handcraft?"
A Reply:
Principal Constance, your letter has been received!
Thank you for your school's contributions over the years to the education of Mutants. As agreed in the letter, we will escort the Mutant Chiaki to District 13 at noon next Monday, and we hope that Chiaki will be able to start a new life on the campus of District 13. Before that, we will conduct a complete [EMO Check] for Chiaki to make sure that... everything is fine when she arrives at your school.
As you know, Chiaki is a good child. The teachers even thought she was too introverted and easily attributed mistakes to herself that caused many [accidents]. I remember she stayed out all night after a field trip. In the early hours of the next morning, E.O.S. police came to the school, claiming that a student's EMO had lost control and caused an accident--by the time we arrived, the park was packed with countless paper men, bouncing lively around Chiaki on a bench. After questioning, we discovered that a student had forgotten to inform Chiaki that we returned, and Chiaki was worried that other students didn't like [her who always troubled others] and purposely left her out, so she spent the night on the bench, clutching to her clothes as she indulged in her thoughts.
After that, I reckoned those little paper figures should be Chiaki's imaginary friends, right?
...Forgive me for taking the liberty of recalling these past events for you. According to the procedure, I shouldn't comment much about the student's situation. However, out of a sense of responsibility as an adult, I think it is necessary to provide you with more detailed information than the document to prevent those [strange phenomena] from happening again. Mutant Chiaki cannot control her fantasies, yes, children are always like this--but what if this child could turn her fantasies into reality? We can't predict whether the next moment will be faced with an evil piggy bank that is a dozen meters high or little paper figures who float in the air to perform stage plays... Before Chiaki has learned to control her power, we can only pray that her imagination will always remain innocent.
However, if properly directed, the uncontrolled power can also create irreplaceable value for Etheria, and I think you, Principal Constance, know this better than anyone.
Your loyal friend, Dr. Vogue
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