please add skip button on auto battle

the game is good. story, graphics, artworks, sound design are enjoyable. but please, i've quit so many games because i have to sit and watch through the ai fight for 10 times because i have nothing else to do. i'm trying to enjoy the game as a way to take breaks from work, i can't do work while playing and this burnt me out. the pity might consider changing too to be f2p friendly, 180 is just too much in my opinion. until there's an update, i might consider coming back. i'm sorry, i had high expectations for this game.
the rate up feels like a huge lie when i got 4 different 3 stars at 57 pity but still no aki on his banner.
i also hope some people actually understands the differences with auto battle and skip.
auto - ai auto fight, get rewards based on ai, you can intercept midfight or just sit and wait/watch. could be highly inconvenient depending on the farming amounts. (not just 10 times like i only mentioned, be mindful.)
skip - skipping the fight entirely, gets rewards by unchangable amount. could depends on if the dev going to be generous with the rewards amount or not but saves time. (from personal experience, punishing: gray raven and path to nowhere has this. it's convenient.)
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it's already "AUTO" why ask for "SKIP" when you should be asking for "SWEEP"? lol.
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yeah i need skip , a little tired of waiting
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Wibi Nhựt
Wibi Nhựt
anything else? say it all, they force all players to do it even if it's f2p or p2w, and how long ?? I "auto" 10 times takes about 3 min
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