Neural Cloud (Global) - Official Launch Gameplay (Android/IOS)

Dear professors,
Neural Cloud is now available across the globe!
Welcome to Magrasea!
"Warning! Fatal Error: System integrity severely compromised..."
This is an unprecedented threat to the existence of Dolls. In face of formidable enemies and a future filled with uncertainties, the scattered Dolls grit their teeth and steel themselves as they travel in search of the slim hope of salvation.
Humankind may have abandoned them, but as the person in charge of "Project Neural Cloud", you have steadfastly set foot in this unknown land and founded the "Exiles" as you take in meandering Dolls. With you as their leader, the Exiles shall explore the secrets of the world, find a way out of this desperate situation, and uncover the truth..
►► Total Size: 2.80GB
► Online/Offline: Online
►► Mail: [email protected]
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