COUNTER: SIDE will launch a CBT on August 1st by Nexon

The CBT application for Nexon's new game, COUNTER:SIDE is opened today on July 11. The CBT of COUNTER:SIDE will be started with a small range of testing from August 1 to August 5, and the CBT application will be available from July 11 to July 24.
The test application can be made through the official application website, and you need to fill in with the Google Email and the Korean mobile phone number. CBT testers will inform the results by contacting the selected testers on July 31.
COUNTER: SIDE Pre-register page:
COUNTER: SIDE official forum:
DON'T worry if you don't have a Korean mobile phone number. After the end of CBT, COUNTER: SIDE will be officially launched in the near future! Please looking forward to it ~ 😊
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