Dead by Daylight Review. Can you survive as a noob?

Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer game where 1 killer tries to take out 4 survivors. Its been out for a while, but can someone who never played it enjoy it with all the experienced players out there. How the game is in 2022 and what will be the noob's experience? Lets find out.
I tried Dead by Daylight few years back, my Steam account showed 3 hours played, so lets see if I can get into the game and have some fun.
Spoiler: I had a lot of fun, although now without frustration bits. Facing experienced players, who knows maps, paths and skills was hard. But even with that in mind Ive managed to get my share of fun, and more Ive played it - the better it got. Lets go over the main points.
Dead by Daylight Progression
In Dead by Daylight your progression is based on your characters and account level. Those dont affect your gameplay directly, but Perks that you equip can give you quite a boost to the performance. And you get those as you level up.
In order to level up you will need blood points. Those are awarded for basically anything in the game, for Daily Rituals (basically daily quests) and The Archive. Its pretty straightforward for the Daily Rituals, just finish simple tasks and get those extra blood points.
The Archive is basically a series of challenges that you will need to complete. Those are time-limited divided into seasons. when you finish one of the challenge sets you can move on to the next tier. There are rewards for completing level (basically getting to the last node of challenges) and for the amount of rift points acquired.
Playing Dead by Daylight as a Killer
Being Killer in Dead by Daylight is a two-sided coin. On one hand you wont fail your team and if you are bad you will just lose. On another hand there is no one to help you. Moreover skilled survivors can make your live a real nightmare, even though its supposed to be other way around.
Although when everything goes to the plan its a very fun experience. The fact that you alone hold off 3 players from winning the match is very motivating.
Each Killer have his own skillset and playstyle, and there are 29 killers available right now with all the DLCs, so you wont get bored anytime soon.
Playing Dead by Daylight as a Survivor
Playing as a Survivor always put a pressure on me, because I am part of the team, and I hate to fail my team. Sadly as a noob thats what will be happening most of the time, since if you dont know the proper escape routes, killer kiting strategies and proper build you might die pretty fast. Not only that but you will also endanger your teammates.
Although as you play more and more you will start learning the moving patterns, maps, and killer skillsets, so you become more comfortable and start enjoying the process. Realizing that others are just as bad as you are helps as well.
Repairing the generators is a totally different story too. Together its way faster, but missing qte will alert Killer of your location. Moreover locating those generators might be a problem too. But once again, with practice, it gets easier.
Dead by Daylight is very fun to play to this day. Although there is an obvious learning curve to the game, so expect a rocky start and some frustration. As soon as you learn the map, paths and main mechanics it will get easier.
We hope that this Dead by Daylight review helped you to learn something new about the game or make up your mind about buying it. If you have your own thoughts on Dead by Daylight, let us know in the comments below.
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