Project V | The long-awaited sequel of VF

I have played all titles from XII Braves. Valiant Force (VF) is one of the few games that I could have recommended if they love tile-based tactics strategy games with lots of hero customization, party/team creation, and structure building that will surely be worth a lot of fun hours of playing that ended last December 2019. Valiant Force 2 is the long-awaited sequel to the critically acclaimed Valiant Force, released in 2016. It has been 6 years since then and now our Heroes are back again in the world of Arthos to defeat chaos and evil.
I have already spent a few days with the game and here are some of the things that I noticed to be true at the moment and some of the gameplay features that you do not have to miss.
• Quests and rewards are abundant!
• The auto-battle feature is available after completing Chapter 1.4.
• Structure building is present in a form of some kind of Airship.
And many more to discover. The visuals of the game are superb, even if it is set at low resolution, the characters are stunning. The model details are executed properly in a way that retains the character artwork and the artist’s integrity intact.
Game Mechanics is easy. Defeat all enemies and make sure that the team survives to receive additional rewards. Every chapter starts with story dialogue then proceeded with “Ally turn” (AI-controlled unit) followed by my team of 5 units and lastly the enemy’s unit turn. I do think that game progression relies highly on game intelligence rather than having all of the strongest characters and strongest gears available. The chapters offer different enemies and terrain mechanics for me to play.
There is a lot of room for improvement within the basic gameplay. I encountered a few bugs every now and then. Here are some notable bugs that will force you to leave the game for a while.
1.       Skill Cutscene not loading causing the game to freeze.
2.       Game buttons need to be more responsive and the Chibi artwork can be highly improved
3.       Upgraded items didn’t’ show or resulted in higher stats in-game.
I think this game will most likely succeed when the developers listen to and support its player base. I have a great time playing and will surely invite friends to play the game.
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