Mafia Gangster City is NOT A GOOD GAME! And has MISLEADING Screenshots on the Store!

Mafia Gangster City is umm. This game is something else. And I don't mean that in a positive way either. This game tries to sell itself as some kind of GTA type mobile game, with some somewhat impressive in game screenshots on the store page. UNTIL you actually play the game for yourself and realise all the screenshots for the most part were photoshopped, on the store page they show off some nice reflections in the shiny wet surfaces and puddles, God rays when flying the helicopter with the sun in the frame, and overall some pretty nice shadows.
But when you get in the game... None of those things are present, and what you have instead is a pretty ugly mess of a so called game.
Gameplay wise this game has you going from A to B to complete relatively simple quests while using some pretty bad controls. I actually preferred driving because I didn't have to worry about the horrible camera controls as much. But when I got to the third stage to take out a policeman, when I bumped into him at the objective... He fell on the ground and then just slid around on the floor like a snake.
I couldn't attack him because he was on the ground and he just slid all over the place. That's pretty much when I decided I had had enough of this game.
Visually this game isn't the worst thing I've ever seen. But the fact that they are trying to sell it off to be something a lot better than it really is on the store is pretty bad. It's misleading and isn't truthful to what their game actually looks like. So in that sense I'd say that visually this game is deceptive and pretty ugly.
Overall I'd say that Mafia Gangster City is a horrible rip off of GTA style games with horrible controls and ugly visuals. This game also tries to throw a fair amount of ads at you too. Honestly this game isn't worth downloading in its current state.
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you got clickbaited
Varnu Patara
Varnu Patara
Hospet ambulance game
thanks for the advice, i was about to download it lol, srsly Thanks
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