A simpler version of Grand Theft Auto

This game has a resemblance to the ones I played before. It was really popular at that time and I think that's what made it into this mobile game. The graphics of this game were good, but the characters' faces were not that visible.
It had some similar gameplay but most of it had a glitch or difficulty in controls. I enjoyed driving some of the vehicles and the background music was great. It made me look back at how GTA was played, yet this game still has a lot of improvement needed.
You will need to choose your weapon before the game starts. You can also punch, jump, and drive vehicles. There are sets of missions given for you to do within the given time and for every mission accomplished, you'll earn money you can use to buy a new weapon.
Here we go again with the unending ads. Every time I start a new level, an ad pops up. It's kinda annoying, but I'm starting to accept the fact that these ads are already a part of each game I play. There are some bugs too, the sight/Camera control is difficult to use.
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