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The game is based on a family’s history. The Godfather’s family was murdered ten years ago by a rival gang. He left the city to avoid getting killed by the gang’s members. Now, he has returned to retake control of the mafia and exact revenge on those who killed his family. To do this, he recruits a team of highly skilled individuals with different specialties.
Among this number is a sniper, who is the character you play. You must help your sniper character please the Godfather by eliminating the target mafia bosses successfully. You also have to care for whoever tries to take over Liberty City. The mafia families you’ll be fighting are extremely powerful.
The gameplay is divided into missions where you battle mafia bosses and random gang members to reach an ultimate goal: helping the Godfather take over the city. Your opponents are ruthless, and you must take on the same personality. Attack deadly with smart strategies, and ensure your weapons are in prime condition.
How to Download Mafia Origin Latest Version
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