[Q2 2020 Con-Call] What is NCsoft' s Mobile Game Plan for the Second Half of 2020? Find More Here!

At 9:00 AM today, NCsoft conducted its earnings conference call and revealed some INFO about their future games launch plan in the second half of this year.
This is the second conference call held in one week, apart from a regular reveal on NCsoft 's data fluctuation this quarter, what else can we learn from this conference call?
Come with TapTap and get your First Look at the latest game INFO released today!
NCsoft now is still committed to pursuing the same policy made at the beginning of this year---promoting more self-produced games, likeBlade & Soul 2[/b][/i], Lineage 2M, and AION 2
But there is something that still seems to be different. Yoon Jae-su (chief financial officer of NCSoft), announced that the global release of Blade & Soul 2 is still uncertain, and NCsoft may only focus on its Taiwan release in the second-half year. This is totally different from what he said before: "We’re aiming to release Blade & Soul 2 within the year at home and preparing to bring Lineage 2M to global markets. (quoted from KoreanTechToday)", and such attitude change may result from a sharp slide in the sales revenue of [b]Lineage 2M.
Some Korean media revealed that the sales of Lineage M and Lineage 2M were only 159.9 and 197.3 [/b]billion won(Korea currency) respectively, and especially for Lineage 2M, it had declined by 42% over the last quarter.
▼  Next may be the part you would most like to know. More detailed INFO about those mentioned games!
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▼ [/b]Click the link below for more INFO:
[b]❒ Current Version: Korean
❒ Language Support
    ▪ English(updated)
    ▪ Korean
❒ Future Plan
  ▫ Area: Taiwan 
  ▫ Time: Q3 2020
❒ Recent Plan:
 ▫ Area: Global
 ▫ Time: 2021
▤ Blade & Soul 2▼ Click the link below for more INFO:
NCsoft tended to reveal its latest launch plan about Blade & Soul and AION sequels ahead of G-Star(annual Korean game show presented by KOTRA). So for the latest INFO about the release of Blade & Soul 2, is likely to be disclosed before G-Star 2020 in November
 [b]AlON 2
[/b]▼ Click the link below for more INFO:Yoon Jae-su mentioned a little bit about their future plan on a new MMORPG mobile game, AION 2 (original name: Aion Tempest), which happened around 900 years before NCsoft's successful AION IP game on PC.
He also revealed that the release date of this game may possibly be the next year and it would be a brand-new game on mobile based on the worldview of its AION on PC.🙋‍♀️Hi everyone! Here is Chesvie again~
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why can\'t I get a security code when playing the Korean 2m lineage game .... I have entered my cellphone number ... but I can\'t get the code ... please help ...iam from Indonesia
global or english version pleaae
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