Epic Seven is great.

2 weeks in and I'm really enjoying it! Game is very generous with pulls and getting characters you want is the easy part. The grind ends up looking a lot like Genshin later on as you really just farm for gear in the right set with the right substats, but unlike Genshin they also give you a lot of free resources and gear that is actually pretty good which makes the game feel rewarding to play. Definitely recommend choosing Arbiter Vildred in the moonlight blessing as he's the best character in the game and the tasks to fully unlock him are really easy and you'll do them along the way as you play. Don't recommend investing into regular Vildred that much because he's only good early game and falls off hard later on (Same with Sez but he can counter Arbiter Vildred with his third skill)
Edit: I've learned some new things so I'll correct some of my previous points here. Arby is a good farming choice but you can also pick Tenebria in the moonlight summon. You'll probably get most of the characters if you play for long enough, so any character that you pick won't ruin your account. Sez is actually good in late game so you can invest into him, but mid game he won't do much for you, so you'll be waiting for end game gear to be able to use him. Also don't focus too much on tier lists and how good people say characters are. You don't have to have the best teams or characters to have fun so keep that in mind.
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