Hey everyone, I'd like to start this off by apologizing as I know I said the next video would be some fortnite gameplay but this game just dropped and I've been waiting for it so I thought I'd add this first🙇‍♂️.
Today we have a game that just released globally ACE RACERRR, from the trailer we've all seen this is a high octane racing game with some abilities to each car to boost the racing experience.
When you open up the game you'll notice that the game includes a couple of actually liscenced cars such as BMW, VOLKSWAGEN, ASTON MARTIN and quite a few more which is really cool because there aren't alot of mobiles game that has the actual licensed cars in them (just some look alikes) and this is really cool yknow and I do hope more cars will be added in the future.
Straight off the bat you get your character creation screen where you get to personalize your character, the personalization options are really lite which is a great idea because you won't be spending the first hour of the game designing that perfect character like we all have in most mmorpg games (skyrim you devil). You get to customize just enough such as the eyes, brows, nose, mouth and overall structure of the character face with some easy to use sliders to really get that cool looking shape (lol tried to get the gigachad look but messed it up).
After creating you character you get put into a neat cutscene which introduces your assistant abit and then boom race time where you get to test out the controls. OOF this game has sweet easy to use controls with a nice theme to them, it almost looks like we get to edit the theme of them, haven't gone deep into the setting yet so I'm not sure but never less they are nice and conveniently placed with not too much of a gap between them which could cause you to miss tap. You got your drift button, boost button, nitrous button and ultimate button on the right (their placement seems like the ones you get in right game with attack and block) then you get the left and right buttons on the left side of the screen. Personally I am happy there is no acceleration button because I find it weird playing claw in a racing game lol.
The gameplay is really smooth and for some reason makes me fell like this is CSR2 but with racing and not drag racing. The controls on this game are really smooth for example drifting is insanely easy however I can tell it differs depending on the car you drive as you can see if the video above, more speed equals abit more of a wider drift so timing also has a place in this game which means even more skill can be added which is cool so mastering each car is definitely going to be fun.  You get cool little boosts after you hit the air for short time which are like the boosts you get in Mario kart after a drift so you can have the chance to get your speed back up which seems to add fuel to the purple bar at the bottom of the screen which I assume gives you a super boost or charges your ultimate ability. Overall the racing is simple enough to really enjoy and cool enough to keep you intrigued.
From what I've seen each car has its own unique ability (not sure if some have the same ability) and this ability will or should give you an edge in the race to take a higher spot or just to troll lol and they look pretty cool I mean we got a barrel roll to hop over cars and a two wheel pop to be stylish and pass through a tight gap which will really be useful because this is a team up racing game so you might meet some trolls that just drive side by side to block your route so all you need to do is pop that ultimate and hop right over or squeeze right through and ta-da you passed right pass them hehehe.
The graphics are amazing and have definitely hit the console level graphics which can't be full seen in the video above because I prioritize frames of graphics but I haven't gotten into the settings yet so I will definitely still be checking it out on high graphics cause I rally want to see those cars st their peak. Speaking about the cars oooooooo from what I've seen they look amazingly designed with their badass body kits sheesh who doesn't like a good body kit and I do hope that we get to customize the cars ourselves cause that would be fun.
There also is a type of gacha/ lootbox system to unlock better parts and cars in the game so I really hope we can earn the required currency for those boxes and that it doesn't become type of pay to win game because we all do not like those especially with the way the world of gaming is these days (curse you EA GAMES challenging everything including my wallet). But with lootboxes it also means there mastery such as getting all the parts for a certain car and maxing it out in upgrade which will give you that feeling of achievement when you reach that max level and hopefully it works in the way genshin and TOF does where you have a type of bad luck metre which increase the chances of higher rewards based off the amount of low grade items you draw so I look forward to it abit.
The game musical audio is very nice and the car sounds are great too. In the main lobby you will notice a musical item in the top right corner of the screen that spins around so that gives me an idea that you get to change the music and create a Playlist like you do on pubg or need for speed and so far the tracks seem hype enough to keep you excited and in the game and the vroom vroom of the cars sounds nice too.
Thats all for now boys and girls, the next video will definitely be fortnite and hope you enjoy the game. P.S don't forget to hit the start button on the race countdown.
Don't forget, ITS NOT JUST A GAME❤️‍🔥 (figured out how to use my phones default empties lol).
Also don't know if you guys noticed but EVERTALE is free for a limited time so my pokemon fans get your butts moving and grab it I promise it's a really cool game
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