The core gameplay of this game is exactly the same as Splatoon. The red and green sides on 3V3. One person needs to pick up the paint brush to spray the paint on the entire rectangular field. The slightly different place is that both the red and the green have a base which attacks the enemy. The game victory is not only the area of the paint, but also the destruction of the enemy base in order to win. In the middle of the field, the potion will be refreshed randomly, and the grab can be enlarged, and the HP will increase while the hitbox is also increased.
The game is currently early access version, currently only play with the computer and online match 3V3, there are many features are not added to include in game purchase function. The overall quality of the game is good. Players who like to play Splatoon and have no money to buy Switch & game are very suitable for this.
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s c o t t
s c o t t
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