This mobile fantasy RPG has tons of potential

Metria is shaping up to be a solid mobile action RPG. I participated in the second Alpha Test, and while the game is still a little rough around the edges, it’s bursting with promise. It has a few bugs, and it could use some polish, but as long as those issues are fixed, I think it’ll be a blast to play.
While I started my Metria journey as a lone warrior, I was quickly joined by a colorful cast of characters. I could equip up to three characters in my party at a time and switch between characters with a push of a button. Every character has a distinct playstyle, and rapid switching from one party member to the next let me take full advantage of their skills.
I spent plenty of time fighting monsters, but Metria also has a pretty in-depth gathering and crafting system. As I explored, I could stop to catch fish, chop down trees, and collect useful-looking herbs. When I was back at my base, I could convert these materials into potions, weapons, and other useful items.
That emphasis on gathering gave me a great excuse to explore the game's vast open world. The locations I've visited so far are beautiful, and I'm looking forward to checking out more areas. Most of what I've seen are green plains and lush forests, but based on the map, it looks like there are some more varied environments I haven't had the chance to visit.
Metria is a gacha game, but the Alpha Test didn’t give me a good sense of how the gacha system will work. The character switch mechanic is similar to the one in Genshin Impact, and I suspect it’ll use a similar system. A good range of characters joined my party over the course of the story, so I hope the system will be friendly to new players.
I really enjoyed the time I spent with Metria, and I'm excited to watch the game as it develops. If you're a fan of open world action RPGs, it's definitely a title you should keep on your radar.
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