Spellbook Demonslayers - OBLIVION UPDATE on Steam

Today's update brings a HUGE amount of new features and improvements - There's a lot to cover with this one, so let's just jump right into it!
New Spellbook - Vella
"I'll eat you alive!"
Book Talent: Elites that have been hit with Domination are summoned on death.
New Gameplay Mechanics:
· Demon Summoning
· Corruption Difficulty Scaling
· Oblivion Modifiers and Charms
· Dashing Enemies
· Health & Mana Orb Drops
· Close-Spawned Enemies
New Features and QoL Improvements:
· Spellbook Passive Buffs
· Level 10 Spell Effects
· The Compendium
· Buffed & New Illegal Upgrades
· Chained Projectile Buff
· New Music & Audio
· Game Settings
Guide on how to play the new content:
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