What's wrong with balance adjustment on Legendary items?

I log in game to check if my Legendary items' collection become legacy and found that Legendary items from the past season had been adjusted but in most weird way: the affixes that has stronger value this season still remain unchanged, but the affixes that has weaker value this season has been changed completely. Also the affixes that has been remove and replace by new affixes also be replaced.
You can check Tendency of Stars (keep old value of spell critical strike rating but adjust cast speed/main skill damage per order from 0.2 to 0.08/0.06) or Valerie's Night Stroll (replace % evasion with add lightning damage but keep value of gear evasion, despite I corroded that affix) or Light Hunter Belt (replace low life damage with erosion resistance but keep the value of max energy shield and convert) and more to see that.
I think this is not the way that XD adjust the game balance. The new balance should be adjusted in new season, not the permanent season, and also not in the unbelievable weird way like this. Now, our old season's Legendary items become the one with all weak affixes, it's weaker than the new adjusted Legendary with some neft and some buff. If XD dont want to see legacy items, then adjust all affixes, never like this, it is completely nonsense.
How do you think about that?
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