Star Survivor Pre-register Now Available on Mobile!

Mobile users can now pre-register Star Survivor:Premium on their devices from Google Play & App Store now!
It’s a rogue-lite + survivors + asteroids mashup game! Exterminate as many alien drones as you can. Upgrade your ship from the crafted deck of equipment and power-ups. You are the Last ship against the Endless... Will your choices be enough to overcome the thousands hunting you?
[Game Features]
◆ Deckbuilding Strategy - mix different weapons' upgrades in 4 quadrants for directional, random, and auto-targeting weapons
◆ 8 Ships - Become the Mothership, level up by taking damage, or hide under the shadow cloak
◆ 3 Modes - Trek through random missions in Campaign, or craft deck for Challenge and Endless
◆ Weapon Combo - combine weapons for their OP variants
Are you ready for an exhilarating interstellar shooting journey? Pre-register for the game right now!
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