Valheim meets Zelda Breath of the Wild? | Demo Impressions - Enshrouded

Just recently, I tried the 8-hour free demo of the upcoming game on Steam - Enshrouded and had a great time, even if I only played it in singleplayer. The demo allows you to play through the initial quests, helping players become familiar with the game and see what it's like.
Well, what is it like? The gameplay feels like a mashup between Valheim and Breath of the Wild, both of which are great games. Survival Crafting and Building with a touch of solidly made ARPG-style combat with parries, dodging, and satisfying attacks.
While it looks like a typical modern unreal engine game, The graphics still looks awesome with great lighting effects, detailed models, and a beautifully crafted world with varied biomes; from lush green forests, dark desolated enshrouded regions, to even underground lava filled caverns. The titular Enshrouded regions are what the game is all about, caused by the land-devouring “mist” called the Shroud.
The game also features various “platforming” features such as gliding, grappling hooks, wall climbing, as well as puzzles, traps, and mechanisms when stumbling upon ancient vaults and caverns to progress into. Definitely feels more like an adventure RPG game like Breath of the Wild instead of a survival crafting game during these moments.
I was able to complete the demo's quest content for about two hours, and I can say this game has potential. The performance is already good, and it even has controller support already baked in. Overall, it is even solid enough for me that i think it can already be released as an Early Access game today.
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