Valkyrious : First Impressions

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[About Valkyrious]
Valkyrious, a Real-time Strategy Card Game where you create decks of Valkyries with various abilities to battle opponents.
Summon Valkyries to battle and utilize tiles and synergy between Valkyries to claim victory!
◈ Game Features ◈
■ Every moment is crucial!
Every second matters in this attack and defense battle of the Valkyries! Claim victory over the battlefield by coming up with a quick strategy at the crucial moment.
Never let your guard down on the battlefield!
■ Claim victory with various types of Valkyries!
Each Valkyrie has their own unique set of skills.
Collect various Valkyries and build your own deck.
■ Upgrade Valkyries and create your own strategy!
Even the same type of Valkyrie can be upgraded into Valkyries with different abilities.
Catch your enemies off guard with unique Valkyries.
■ Experience various combat modes!
In Chapters, you can explore the combat system and story of Valkyrious.
In the Arena, you can challenge opponents from around the world.
Hone your skills in Chapters and compete against different opponents live in the Arena.
■ Who is the top player? Participate in the Tournament!
Aim for the title of top player in the Grand Tournament, where 4 to 64 players can participate.
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Looks like a trip! Can't wait to start summoning Valkyries.
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