News for those who wanna play warzone mobile but they can't

Hello everybody. I just wanted to tell you a few things about warzone mobile.
We all know warzone mobile requirements for playing it. Adreno 618 or better and know the memory required for the game increased to 6gb on Android.
⚠️I have played this game with note 11 which has adreno 610 and 6+5 GB ram. Game was fine and my phone was fine too but after an update they have closed the game on devices under adreno 618 devices and that really made me upset. The thing I am going to tell you is if you have a device which has gpu under 618 like me we should just w8 and no need to be worry about the thing that can we play this game in future or not. Warzone mobile really started bad too much bad. But there are going to support devices under adreno 618 gpu. Just wanted to say that no need to search for rooting the device. Just w8 like me untill the day that they will fix the optimization. Thanks for your patience.
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Michelle Wilson
Michelle Wilson
tysm for the news
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