A new pokemon rival will come soon

Today I was take my coffee and planning something for my Christmas and I see something I thought is a new trailer from Pokemon because this year Pokemon Scarlet and Violet was very bad.
Hell nah is Roco Kingdom news the game keep going to be in development and coming soon for 2024.
If you don't know Roco Kingdom is a Chinese RPG with pokemon universe released in 2010 by Tencent Games who was developed the good and excellent Pokemon Unity.
Roco Kingdom will be a mixte between a Pokemon and an open world, you can customize your hero and collector a lots of cute monsters.
Roco Kingdom will have a test irl in Guangzhou from China in 2014.01.22 since one full week and give a lots of cash price for the players.
I would love to be here but I don't recieve invitation and I should wait the game is coming in 2024.
All right is was Captain BP and I back to drink my coffee hohohoho.
Yo I leave a trailer for us if you forgot the game.
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