Short review: probably the worst tutorial I've ever encountered in my life.
Detailed review:
Well, I said detailed but it's actually not much to say bcs I uninstalled and never look back after I completed the tutorial.
The way the game taught you how to play the game is like dump everything nonstop in the beginning. No time given for you to familiarize what's going on.
It quickly jumped from one tutorial to another. Here's your character, here's their ability and then you do this, then you do that, then you click here and then down here and then go back and then change this.
It's kinda like "hey we have a war going on, so memorize everything in 3 minutes" lol
I don't even care to know the story at that point.I do like the 3d models. Reminds me of digimon rearize 3d models (I haven't revisit that game for a long time so my memory might be hazy) and I simply love anything retro.
I think those who really love this series might enjoy it. As for someone like me, who hasn't play any of the series, it's an instant pass.
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Cosimo Pischedda
Cosimo Pischedda
they killed a wonderful saga with the autoskill and battle, we only set team and watch....
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