looks full color and simple, but it can make you think hard (play or Pass???)

Total size when I play this game is 373 MB, Turn-based RPG strategy, build and battle.
There are two types of battle at the moment, story type with prizes for completing each stage, this type can be spammed after completing.
Then the last one is the event type, here is a way to get a lot of gold, to start playing the player uses stamina, while to challenge again the player pays with crystals.
Heroes and equipment
What's unique about the heroes in this game is the equipment feature which is filled with troop types.
Gacha Features
The Gacha feature in this game is a chest that is opened with a key or crystal. Common chests are priced at 60 crystals, advanced chests are priced at 300 crystals, while 10x draw are priced at ±2600 crystal.
Thanks and see you next game...

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