SHINING NIKKI | Pre-registration Closing Soon

Hi, Stylists!
The Global Launch date is fast approaching. Momo and Nikki can't wait to meet all stylists in Miraland!
Since the global release date has been advanced, all the rewards have been unlocked. Our pre-registration event will also end earlier.
Before the event ends, stylists still have chances to complete the [Invite Friends] mission to get Flowerland High.
Pre-registration End Time: July 4 23:59 (UTC-7)
>>>Pre-register now: 
The long wait is about to come to an end, whereas our story is ready to begin♥
Q1: How do I find the CODEs of the pre-registration missions?
A1: There are 3 CODEs you can get from our pre-register page
- Fashion Agent Mission: After completing the 3 steps of the Fashion Agent Mission, click the [Claim] button, the code will be automatically sent to your pre-registered email address.
- Special Title: The redeem code for [TITLE: Journey of Miracles] will be sent to your pre-registered email address immediately if you are verified successfully.
- Invite Friends: Based on your task status, we will send the reward redeem code to your pre-registered email address after the game is launched globally.
Q2: How can I get milestone rewards?
A2: All rewards (listed below) will be sent to your in-game mailbox after the game is launched globally!
Stamina X 60♥
Mystery Ticket X 10
Fantasy Ticket X 10
Pink Gem X 300
Concept X 1
Static Pose: Search
Selfie Pose: Gaze