[Update] 8/12 (Thu) Update Notice

* Please note that for this week, no maintenance will be required, and the update will be applied automatically.
1. World Arena Ambition Season Begins!
The World Arena pre-season will end and the Ambition Season will begin. 
We are excited for your fair and fierce competition this season!
■ Schedule
- The following is the schedule for the end of the World Arena pre-season and the start of the Ambition Season.
※ All servers follow the same schedule for the end of the pre-season and for the Ambition Season.
How to Enter
- Rank 60 and above
- Have more than four Heroes from each Class that are starting grade 2★ or higher, excluding Phantasma. (Have at least 24 Heroes to enter)
Ambition Season Background Adjustments
- Adjustments will be made to the Arena entry banner, lobby, and battle backgrounds.
Ambition Season Rewards
- At the end of the Ambition Season, you will earn season rewards based on your final league grade.
Go to World Arena > Ranking > Season Rewards
[Rewards Standard]
[Skin Information]※ The skin image will be revealed through a separate notice during the season.
[Frame Information]
[Background Pack]
- Players who have played a match in the World Arena Ambition Season more than once will receive a Background Pack. (Includes players who have not completed placements)
2. Lilibet & Creation & Destruction Drop Rate UpIn this Drop Rate Up event, meet the Earth-Elemental Warrior, Lilibet, who contains the enemy by dealing high damage. Players can also obtain the Warrior-Exclusive Artifact, Creation & Destruction that has a set chance for a skill cooldown not to occur.
8/12 (Thu) 03:00 ~ 8/19 (Thu) 02:59 UTC
3. Special Side Story - The Order of the Sword and the Lord of Summer Preview
Next week, a special side story, The Order of the Sword and the Lord of Summer will begin.
An unforgettable summer awaits Alexa, who followed Iseria and Cermia on their suspicious vacation.
※ Enjoy the prologue of The Order of the Sword and the Lord of Summer during the preview period.
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