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In guilds, you don't fight alone! ⚔⚔
How much do you know about the rich guild events?
let Frigg take you on a tour!✈✈
#GuildIntroduction #GuildPlay
💰[ Guild Donation ]💰
Donate to raise Guild EXP! More levels for more guild benefits, such as member capacity!
Donate more to level up quick!
You can also get guild coins!
⚙[ Guild Tech ]⚙
Class buffs for all members!
Every class have their own tech trees, form the combat style of your own!
🏡[ Mill Construction ]🏡
Upgrade mills for extra HP and ATK!
Do missions for more activeness, helping the guild grow!
🔨[ Guild Dungeon ]🔨
Challenge boss for guild coins and gold coins!
Distribute prizes by contribution after boss is defeated!
🏪[ Guild Shop ]🏪
Use Guild Coins for 4, 5-star heroes, runes and gears!
Your good helper for getting 6-stars and gears!
🛡[ Clash of Guilds ]🗡
Challenge other guilds and win guild coins!
You can also buy limited prizes with Diamonds!
⚔[ Guild Wars ]⚔
Ultimate guild battle! Top guilds will get a lot of prizes!
Get Conquest Coins, buy gears, rune souls and hero shards!
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