Brand new goddess - Valkyrie

💫There's a beautiful war god, legends say she's beautiful, but none has really seen her beauty.
✨Upon descendance, all gods swarm in for a peek of the beautiful goddess.
🌹With so many persuers, who can truly capture the heart of the goddess?
🔥War God Descends —— Will you become Valkyrie's special one?🔥
Event arrangements are as follows:
🏛- [ Valkyrie Temple ] -🏛
🔴Event 1: Goddess Shop
The aspect of power —— #Valkyrie enters the scene!
Join #AncientRuins and win #ConfessionRose , exchange them for goddess Valkyrie and more prizes!
🔵Event 2: Ancient Ruins
1. Ancient ruins have much rewards, you need to choose one ultimate reward!
❗Notice: You can switch the ultimate reward as many times as you like before getting it!
2. The lottery will deduce event items, but you can get more from events and packs.
3. You can get the ultimate reward on every floor, you will go to the next floor if you get the ultimate reward, and all unopened chests will be skipped. Be careful if you have something you want!
4. All item placements are random.
5. The entrance will end after event ends, and all unused items will be lost.
🔴Event 3: Daily Login
Attention! Logging in to the event page will give surprise gifts!
Ruins Key: For Ancient Ruins Lottery
Valkyrie’s Gift: Randomly get one of the rewards, including Advance Stones, Prophet Orbs, Rune Essence, Advanced Tomb Raid Token, Beast Energy, Beast EXP, 5-star Hero Shard and more!
🔵Event 4: Value Packs
Buy discount packs to draw prizes in Ancient Ruins!
🥚- [ Egg Smashing ]-🥚
📕Event 1: Hit Eggs
1. During event, spend items to smash eggs! Every hit will deduce 5% egg HP, a crit will double the damage!
2. After egg smashed, get guaranteed Advanced Summon and Rune Essence *200, and one of 3 random prizes (Prophet Orb, Red Crystal, Rune Key)!
3. What's more, every smash will get a mysterious prize!
📗Event 2: Goddess Quest
The perfect goddess descends! More easy quests!
Finish daily missions to get Golden Hammer and more!
❗Attention: quests reset every day!
📘Event 3: Prophet Black Card
Buy card to receive Diamonds, Prophet Orbs and Rune Essence for 7 days!
Wow! With goddess by your side and so much prized events, can you feel it? Do not wait, take action now!
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