【Tutorial】Switch to China Apple Store on iOS and download 'VGAME'

If you need to switch your Apple ID country/region on your iPhone or iPad, you will need to follow the instructions below:
1. Open Setting on your iPhone
2. Find iTunes & App Store - Click on your Apple ID - View Apple ID - Country / Region
[b]3. Change Country or Region - Select 'China mainland', you will be guided to the page where you need to fill payment method and address, phone
4. Select 'None' for payment method
[/b]* If you did not see 'None' selection on payment, use a VPN with China server and retry all steps.
5. Fill the address and phone number then complete the switch.
For those shown Chinese on Address section, the translation is:
* Advice to GOOGLE a Chinese address and mobile phone number for temporary use
6. Then open the App Store and search 'VGAME'
Click '获取' to download
Then enjoy the game. Recommend to leave storage space more than 4GB.
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