Clusterduck Review—The Most Quackers Thing You'll See All Week

When a good friend of mine recommended this game, nothing could have prepared me for what I’d soon be encountering. 
Just in case you’ve missed it, Clusterduck is a duck-breeding idle game developed by a New Zealand developer, PikPok. There, you’ve gotta brace yourself, for you will be wrangling with an endless wave of ducks, which are gradually on their way to become bizarre and outrageous evolutionary monstrosities.
At the outset, all you receive is 3 empty nests, for which one is filled with an egg. The first time I hatched an egg, I was immediately rewarded with an ordinary duck. However, the more ducks you hatch—done by tapping on the egg itself, obviously—the quicker things will be pushed to the realm of the weird.Before you know it, ducks with all sorts of mutations that you can never dream of are seen gracing my screen with their presence (Blimey, what utter madness!). Though what sort of mutations the next duck will acquire is beyond anyone’s control. Wouldn’t that just keep you on your toes? So, hatch more ducks, acquire more mutations, rinse, repeat, ad nauseam. But, I’m pretty sure you’ll never grow bored of it. 
The genius behind this game does not lie in its mechanics, which includes tapping on an egg with a finger or sacrificing a duck to a pit of oblivion with a flick of your finger to make space for others. No, the addictiveness engenders from the moments when you have no clue what you’ll be getting next, IMO.I can assure you that even with the often nonsensical results, your mind will be whirling with nothing but the notion to fill up the extensive assemblage of mutations (I’m a hoarder, alright? So, don’t judge).
Like any other idle game, such as Cats & Soup, it dawns on me that this game also relies on ads. So, what this means is that you will have to sit through 30-second ads to increase the rarity of eggs and speed up the incubation period. Sure, watching ads may seem a waste of time, but it’s a great chance to take a break and rest my eyes after staring at my computer the entire day for work.
For folks like me who love total mayhem and want to fulfil all your scientist dreams, this game is a great way to fill that void. With its charming art style and duckish extravaganza, there is no doubt that the game will blow you away. If not, go quackers over it.
If this sounds like the game for you, why don’t you check out the game here? In the meantime, what do you think came first—the duck or the egg?
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