I trying to open my heart to accept this game again since test version know as L.O.S.T stucked on farming endless just to broken down by single story boss and waiting so long and this game still be the same as test version except newbie quest it lost easier
My Rating and yeah i really disappointed
Story : 3/10 you stranded on island full of zombie and get helping by stranger bla bla bla
Map location system : 5/10 you can save time by run around map cost stamina or self walking at long distance to save those stamina least unlikely LDOE run 5 seconds walk 15 mins 😒
Crafting 1/10 i give it just one because it tell the location where you can get but yeah crafting time without PAY it took endlessly 1 cut stone took 20 mins each and in order to upgrade the table it need 3 and 3 hours!!!! or pay to skip the waiting
it all you need to know and yeah
don't waste your time and money unless you're sultan or just wanted to spending money on nothing really disappointed
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