This game is a excellent rip off of a excellent game, Yes it is literally a rip off of sky Force, but there was some things that sky Force didn't do it well which this game done it 10 time better, If you like arrow fighting games then this is definitely must have game, the control are excellent just like a sky Force the graphics are beautiful just like sky Force and also it has great music just like sky Force, but the huge difference is the sky Force game is just paid to play Unfortunately, that game make you feel like you are upgrading your ship or your plane but you don't get to that level of upgrade that you can you know literally complete two or three stage like six to seven months if you are upgrading it without using money I mean real money, but this game give you lots of choices to play this game, first of all this days are very long and very satisfying, you're getting stuff on playing every stage There are so many different kind of weapons side weapons missiles and super bomb stuff like that, it's just full of stuff and it's very well mad, I am playing like pretty long time now and I am enjoying every moment of it, I can't say anything else that this game is so great that I had played like $100 fighting game on Android, nothing much the detail of solid game play that is sky Force ahead, and this game surpassed skyforce way way much better It's improved upon it every level and I love this game,
If you like my review make sure to check my profile, I do review all kind of games, I also upload gameplay video of the games mostly new games, and my review are not just blind review with four or five star like usually generic reviews you see, I actually play the game and analyze it and then talk about good and bad stuff, there are really any game I give five star and this one definitely deserve five star, and five star mean you must check that game out, I also have a YouTube channel if you are interested let me know I will give you the link, have a great day 🙂
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I have no problem with monetizing your product. This game gives you 2x reward if you watch ads to accelerate your progress
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