It's more like a game combined with the Tycoon Games. (It's not simply Simulator Game such as truck simulator🧐)
It is a game where you simply control the contents of the train, the elements of loading and transporting freight, and clearing the missions for each stage.
If you're thinking of a truck simulation that simply manipulates trains, you'll be disappointed.
There are a lot more parts to the game than you think. You have to move freight one by one and solve unexpected issues on each map. That's why you have to invest a long time in one stage than you think. It is by no means a simple game.
The localization of the game, graphics and controls is excellent.
The biggest downside is that each piece of content has too many ads. 😇 (Of course, most Android & iOS free games have a lot of ads.)
When clearing a stage or in order to boost any item or boost in the game, all items are related to advertisements, and this time significantly affects the gameplay.
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