In case you want to download this game because it looks good, but to remind that it is an idle RPG game.
After clear level 55 I have the following views on this game:
+ Game effect is doing pretty well, and the skills are cool, especially being able to use both weapons' skills at the same time
+ Not 100% non-controllable, you can still control the character and dodge the boss's AOE attacks
+ You can reincarnate and get relics to strengthen your character, which increases playability
+ Support offline to get coins & EXP
- The content is too monotonous. It gets me bored quickly after playing for a while. The new systems unlocked like upgrading skills, buying or pulling better equipment are all about increasing your character attributes. I think such a game still needs to add more gameplay and fun to keep players interested
- Need better optimization, the FPS during the battle is relatively lower, sometimes stuck
It is a sophisticated idle RPG, but I'm not particularly impressed with its overall quality.
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