Battle Prime: Online Multiplayer Combat CS Shooter
Battle Prime: Online Multiplayer Combat CS Shooter
Providers:BlitzTeam LLC

gave it 3 stars cause it looks good but why only iOS does anybody even use apple phones these days most people these days use Android so when Android version is out the rate it again...
so after trying it I keep the 3 stars it got alot of problems that can't be ignored...
like no gyro support to be honest I can't even aim without gyro I think it's one of the most important features in shooting games also the game has autoshoot and its very slow which destroys the competitive part completely.
when at first I saw a shooting game with skill system like apex legends I thought it will be fast paced game that requires skills but the speed of the characters is way too slow specially when shooting and the skill system is simply crap frag grenade skill?come on...
obviously you can do much better in terms of smoothness in shooting I like it much better cod but these smallest but vital problems simply destroys this game.
no gyro
slow movement
super lame skill
frame drops
that's the main problems that can't be ignored
bad graphics
no maps
no modes
other small problems
I think the game can be good overall but for now unplayable.

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