AWP Mode: Elite online 3D sniper FPS
AWP Mode: Elite online 3D sniper FPS
Providers:Azur Games
TapTap Editor
TapTap Editor

Translated from Chinese by Google:
As the name suggests, a team competitive shooting game with a sniper rifle as the core. The firearms in the game are basically sniper rifles, so the players' gameplay in the battle is also focused accordingly-avoiding, sniping, and killing together. Of course, if your operation is good enough, you can use the sniper rifle as a shotgun...
The style of the game level map is quite changeable, cities, deserts, and even study rooms that seem to be reduced to make the battle environment not only changeable but not easy to feel monotonous. The tuning of the game's gun feel is not bad, and the overall operating experience is at a good level in mobile games. I recommend you try it.

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