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In general, Wildshade is a good racing game, the only disadvantage I think is horse racing is not exciting as car racing. As Red Dead Redemption is not as exciting as GTA.
The gameplay is simple, horse racing, the same as Mario Kart and many other racing games, there’re a variety of items you can get and use to slow down your opponents on the track. Honestly, There’s not many mobile game you can ride a horse. The riding experience is fluent, the horse can jump over the obstacles
The game has two modes, tournament, and racetrack. The tournament has a total of 4 maps, while the racetrack is 3, and there are next hidden maps that will appear after 20 hours. So, It may have about 10 maps in the game. and each map is unique, some are valleys, some are Japanese shrines.
On top of that, you can breed horses. I don't know if the parents' traits can be inherited, and I saw multiple parts of the house were customizable. If you play for a long time, breeding good-looking horses will also become a game feature.
The downside is that there is still room to improve the graphics, our phones have improved and can support better graphics, the speed of horse riding is slightly slow.

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