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That’s🤩 Military simulation game for professionals,it made me feel a different experience.👨🏻‍✈️
This game is for professionals, not just beginners (of course, if you're a soldier or something related to it, you'll find it more realistic to play,Since I was in the Army😩, it was difficult to play as I am not an expert in this field.).
The game mainly simulates combat planes / helicopters / battleships. The game is quite difficult. In particular, in the case of an airplane or aircraft carrier, you need to set the altitude and direction well to reach the desired destination.🚁 🛩 🚢
Unfortunately, the game does not include battle scenes, so it can be a bit boring, but it will be a better game for users who want to actually control a fighter, helicopter, or aircraft carrier.
In particular, it is a game that stimulates the spirit of challenge even for users who are confident in their own truck simulation game.
Unfortunately, the game has to be purchased through DLC after basic play because there are restrictions on stage 3 and playable fighters and aircraft carrier helicopters.
+ And I'm leaving Earth right now. lol😇

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