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A whole new take on a MMO which gives extreme freedom in whatever you want to do. It is a Sandbox X MMO so the ultimate aim here is to survive . You start off with a small campfire then you gather items, collect material build a small wooden house then you turn into a stone house in the end you can even turn your house into a palace /castle anything depends on your creativity.
There are soo many stuff to do. You can gather materials for building purpose, gather food, you hunt down beast, tame beast, make the tamed beast into pet, evolve the pet by devouring other beast, join clans, be neighbors with your friends, take on bosses together, explore both land and sea and what not. There is no end to the stuff you can do.
Now as of the world, it's really big and got various terrains,various beast of different rarities. Not only you can explore land but the underwater as well. Weather change happens as well. Scenery spot are soo lit. There are secret dungeons .The beast looks soo awesome especially the bosses.The beast kinda reminded me of ARK survival . You can climb and swim , flying you can tame a beast. So no limit on exploration. You can teleport to your house location or central pillars and 100% everything has to be done manually. Overall I was super satisfied with the world exploration.
Housing system is one the important factor in sandbox . Here you are given side quest which acts as tutorial which will teach you on the housing system. There are soo many details to take in . The tutorial quest seems never ending for me.They have definitely given soo much detailed attention even on smaller parts, really love the attention to details but the tutorial wasn't really good enough to figure out what to do. As everything is manually done I couldn't figure out certain tutorial quest and got stuck for a while and needed help from other players. But in the end housing system is really good, lot of customization options. Build your dream house and enjoy.
As of combat mechanism, there are no classes it solely depends on the weapon you use. Weapons are of different rarities as well and there are wide variety of weapons to use. You get weapons from doing arcade /boss/beast etc drops . There is no gacha system or buying of weapons in the game . As of combat it's fully manual, not soo many special skills for weapons tho.Normal attack/one special skill which will have cooldown . Overall great combat system was clean.
I played the game for a week now and I will mention the positives and negatives down below,
•Customization of character has variety of options. You get to choose 1/32 forms. Some of the forms are human/monkey/lizard/jellyfish/octopus/fox etc. Each form has a male and female version of 3 different age groups (kid, mid age, adult) . Later you can adjust detailing on eyes and other parts
•There is no story and quest. You can play at your own pace.
•No gacha's and pay to win elements. The is a premium pass and stuff to buy with cash but as of I have noticed those materials can only boost your overall progress and saves time from farming and skins for weapons /dresses are available for purchase. So till now it's not a p2w.
•Everything is purely manual. There is no afk /auto farming/combating in game.
•The setting of game is soo detailed.Gives soo much flexibilty on customizing the overall game. Even it has filters to be applied on the world.How cool is that.
•Massive exploration world in both land and sea
•Can take picture of your character in any spot you want and has variety of options like adding stickers to your picture, applying filter, emotes, dance, actions, mood etc.
•Need lot of storage about 10 gb
•Need high specification device to run the game. Not potato friendly.
•Tutorials are super long and hard to grasp and understand them. Sometimes get lost on how to finish the tutorial
•Some bugs exist in game. They will be fixed in long run hopefully.
•The UI seems soo small in fonts as well as size of options.Misclicks happens a lot and hard to read words sometimes. Same time feels little messier.
•Moving around with character feel little harder and not soo smooth.The auto run lock is soo small and I miss most of the times. Especially when climbing when I drag it to auto run and miss it. Boom I am dead.
NOTE:If you have to play together with friends you must select same server. Also if you started in one server and later switched to different server your progress starts from lvl 1 in that the new server. So if your planning to play along with friends make sure to select same server .
Well overall I definitely recommend to try it. Will give a new experience on MMO for sure. Even players who don't like sandbox genre will love it for sure . I will attach some screenshots from the game below,

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