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Hardcore Gamer
time-duration Play Time: 56 minutes

Play as an awesome pizza!
This is a unique shoot ’em up roguelike. The toppings you select effect your abilities. At the beginning you have three hearts of life, once exhausted need to start playing again from the first level. You can increase the life limit by upgrading.
One-handed control of the pizza to move and dodge enemy attacks. The pizza will automatically shoot the enemy, double tap to sprint and deal some damage to the enemy.
The game's soundtrack uses the 8bit combined with electronic music style, which is really great.
I love pixel art/retro style games. And this looks fast paced too, which is a winner!
Bosses will appear every 20 levels. The attack and movement speed of Bosses are much stronger than ordinary enemies, please be careful. If you want to revive, you need to watch an ad for about 30 seconds. It depends on you.
When you pass the levels, you will have the opportunity to choose one of two Toppings to enhance your ability. The topping you select stay with you until you RIP. Sometimes you will get hearts. If you don't have an ability you like, I don't recommend using the Reroll feature. 100 gold is too expensive, and gold is better used for upgrades.
I have made a list of Topping for your reference. This list contains the names of all Topping and the corresponding effects. I hope it can help you.
Burrara - Launches five 360 buttles
Arucula - Vegan shield defence
Onion - Pushes enemies back
Anchovies - Slow missile
Mushrooms - Spawns two circular shields
Thick Crust - Protective orb against red bullets
Green Olives - Wiggle shot
Basil - Spawns a small drone
Overall, after playing this game not only improved my reaction skills, but also made me really want to have a delicious pizza lol.
I'm glad to have your sharing on Crust Crusaders here. So, please post your questions, answers, redeem codes, tricks, or any kind of help you have in the comment section below. Enjoy!

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