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Netease has really been into shooting and looting style of games for some time now..... First, Cyber Hunter was a stand alone game until the Loot Lord mode was added.
I can only assume they reused some Bandlanders assets to create this game instead of engineering it from the ground up.
Which by the way, I cannot play Bandlanders in the U.S Google play Store, apparently there's some regulations that won't allow me to play it (weird), once again, I can only assume that's why they focused on this and not Bandlanders.
Now to the review!
The character customization is pretty nice, the gun mechanics are something you can dream of, adding all types of mods to your guns, and I like the lobby, where you can get quest, mod your weapon, ect. The shooting handles pretty nicely. This isn't your average shooter since it's a loot and shoot, but if you like survival, risking it all and collecting your own things, this game is for you.
I look forward to the 2022 update!

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