Attention! Do not click on any third party links! 'Valorant Mobille' is a closed project that has no access to anyone except developers. Development will not be completed soon, so be patient. Hi everyone! I want to say that I'm leaving the development of the game for a while, so I won't be able to keep you updated on the changes. You just have to wait for the release. The main problems are only in the interface and optimization. You must understand - this is not even a beta yet, all problems with the interface will be fixed. During the closed beta everything should be work fine. All content from the account will be synchronized with the mobile client. Only the servers for each platform will be different. The location of the controls can be changed in the settings. UPD: I will not comment on the Chinese version of the Valorant Mobile client, because I work in the US. Actually, hey, these guys mb hiding something from us.. so it's possible that the Chinese version is also real, but it will most likely be only for Mainland China. *Everything shown in the screenshot may be different after the release. In addition, I used low-res button icons just for testing controls.

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