zzz scane ultimate short Web Link

I was told that this game is supposed to be Battle Royale, right?🙁

Wow, I didn't know anything about the game until now. I'm really excited! ... Though I'm excited about anything with the name "miHoYo" on it, so I suppose it doesn't count, haha. Looking forward to playing with you!

Nosso Discord "Devourer" está convidando o pessoal BR que tem interesse de jogar e ficar por dentro de novidades então só entrar ai no link! Web Link só se apresentar que passo cargo 😊😎

By looking at the video they put out, the gameplay is similar to Honkai Impact or Punishing: Gray Raven im prolly wrong tho.

Zenless Zone Zero (Android | iOS) Новая игра от создателей Genshin impact Web Link

Mcm best je Game Baru Tembak2 Dari Mihoyo Web Link

miHoYo is about to add another game to its Honkai/Genshin roster, a new title called Zenless Zone Zero. A countdown website teases that the game will be officially announced on May 13th. Web Link

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