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League of Legends: Wild Rift is coming to North America in March


On Friday, Riot Games released a video detailing some of the things coming to the League of Legends universe in 2021. Among those announcements was a new update on League of Legends: Wild Rift — the new console and mobile version of the MOBA — including the fact that North American players will get their chance to test the game starting in March.

According to the announcement, Wild Rift will add an average of two new champions a month throughout 2021. The game will also get its own version of the PC version’s popular ARAM mode, which puts players on a random champion in a special one-lane map to battle it out. Wild Rift will also begin its first ranked season in 2021, and share many of the same special events that League of Legends proper will host, including the Lunar Beasts new year celebration.
点击链接观看视频Many regions around the world have already have the chance to check out Wild Rift, but it hasn’t made it to North America just yet. But, according to Riot, North America players will get their chance to check out the game during its open beta which should begin in March.

Once the beta goes live, players should be able to access the game from a variety of devices on both iOS and Android, though it’s not clear if the console versions will be available at that time or not.
点击链接观看视频And an earlier message regarding how ranked matches work in League of Legends Wild Rift can be found here:

“New players may be surprised to see that our ranked offering starts out with a draft mode, right from the very first game. We feel strongly that this sets expectations of what ranked play is in Wild Rift and provides a more consistently competitive experience throughout your ranked climb.

“Instead of position select, we’ve optimized our matchmaker to build teams with as wide a mix of preferred positions as possible.

"Behind the scenes, it’s constantly looking at where you play, and putting teams of different preferred positions together. We think getting into the game quickly is super important for Wild Rift, but if the matchmaking system isn’t performing up to snuff, we will make changes to hit the position and champion agency you expect.”

Here is the list of champions that will be added to the game with this event - Yordle Expedition :

-Corki with Urfrider Cork and Arcade Corki skins
-Kennen with Arctic Ops Kennen and Super Kennen skins
-Tristanna with Guerilla Tristana and Little Demon Tristana skins
-Lulu with Star Guardian Lulu, Dragon Trainer Lulu and Wicked Lulu skins
-Teemo with Cottontail Teemo and Little Devil Teemo skins

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League of Legends: Wild Rift
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Em poucas palavras perdemos a season um.

Andersonic Games Reply kaTcHuca : No momento que vc cria ou loga uma conta da Riot com VPN ele te mostra a região que você vai jogar... sua conta fica nessa região
kaTcHuca Reply Andersonic Games : quando lançou o EU eu recebi a mesma notificação, eu podia escolher entre eu ou br, igual quando eu joguei no japan eu podia escolher japan ou br, então quando lançar a nova região bem provavelmente vai aparecer a mesma notificação para vc escolher para qual delas vc pretende logar, e em ambas o meu progresso foi mantido.
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And brazil too, go look at dragles twitter


E o Brasil esquecidissimo e sem a 1 season


Em março sai o game ? 

Lost : sim
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Tô esperando esse evento dos Yordles que até agora não aconteceu.

kaTcHuca : pois é não liberaram ainda os champs... eles não dão datas tá embaçado

Perdemos o começo de uma nova era 




Março NA ... BR só em abril


Deixem de ser burros, Março são todas as américas, incluindo o Brasil, e todos os eventos que os outros países perderam, vai voltar todos pra os países que vão entrar agora. 

Cristiano Elton : To dizendo que são burros, os próprios dev disseram que são todas as américas, mais as pessoas tem preguiça de ler e fica mal informadas
Jack Shoujo : Eu acho que ele quis dizer que vai lançar tanto para a América do Sul, quanto pra do norte
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My yordle expedition event is over, why is over i haven't clear any mission and now the event is not available in my event, is it error' or what?? Please give me some info

kaTcHuca : i need too.
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