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Like Facebook Fanpage to Get Rewards for All players!


Dear revolutionaries, once we reach one of our "Like" goals, we will release one code for all revolutionaries to redeem rewards! Invite your friends to hit likes for our fan page.

[Event Duration]

[Fanpage "Likes" Goals]
Currently Fanpage Likes: 21K
Lv1: 23K--50 Coins + 1 Stainless Steel
Lv2: 25K--80 Coins + 1 Vodka cask
Lv3: 30K--100 Coins + 1 Epic Dimension Key + 1 Sound System
Lv4: 35K--200 Coins + 2 Epic Dimension Keys + 1 Hypercar
Lv5: 40K--300 Coins + 3 Epic Dimension Keys + 1 Double EXP Card
Lv6: 50K--500 Coins + 4 Epic Dimension Keys + 1 Rename Card

[Special Rewards]
Invite 10 friends and leave the screenshot under the event post, the first 100 revolutionaries will get special rewards!
Announcement Date: 10/11

Let's build our community together!

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Can you add more combo's and juggles to all players. You could search for Gado Fight to have an Idea.

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