Flash Party (Early Access)
2021/10/14 45 Views Official News

Heads up, Party players: we're rolling out a new broadcast segment called Hot Seat!


PKFire! and TobiTobi will be the official hosts whom you'll spar against. Defeat them in 1v1 combat and receive exclusive Flash Party merchandise!

- TobiTobi and PKFire! will create a public room that you can join and spar with them. If the hosts lose the fight, the winner can contact Sushi and claim their merch by sending a screenshot of his/her battle record via Discord.

- The hosts will take turns to fight every 3 matches, e.g. TobiTobi will fight 3 matches, then PKFire! will take over and fight the next 3, and so on till the end of the session

- Each player can receive a maximum of one merch item per week. TobiTobi and PKFire! can each give out a maximum of 10 merch items, so that's 20 items in total per week to be won by you guys!

- Every player can enter the challenge once per account. However, you will be able to rematch if the challenger slot remains empty for more than 10 seconds.

- To claim your reward, join our official Flash Party channel and contact Sushi via DM with your home address and other necessary details.

Tune in tonight 20:00HRS - 21:00HRS GMT+8 to catch our very first episode live on either Twitch or Facebook!


Updated at 2021/10/14

Flash Party (Early Access)
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