Ragnarok M: Eternal Love
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Caliko Goes Underground Chapter 2b


“Yup, I do remember it, exactly right!”“IMPOSTER!” The ghost screamed, “DIE!!!”

Before Caliko had time to react, shards of ethereal lightning blasted out of the ghost’s eyes, electrocuting her with over 10,000 volts. Fortunately, her Doram powers managed to prevent the electricity coursing through her body from killing her. She collapsed to the floor, clothes and fur smoking, as the ghost prepared to fire off another bolt of lightning.

“Wait wait wait!” Caliko said, “Ok yes I lied! I’m sorry Mister Ghost! I’m just here for the shard, and I’m sorry for lying but I’ll just be leaving, so please pleeeease let me go!”

The ghost relented. “Hmmmm! You survived my attackkkkk...you are no ordinary intruder. You will doooo!”

“C-c-come again?”

“ I will take you to the sharrrrddd if you agree to remove it from this place.”

“I don’t understand, I thought you were supposed to protect the shard from-”

“The shard has been corrupted by this place, so I seek one with the strength to remove it from here! If not a warrior of Midgard, then one such as you with the powers to survive the challenges ahead! So yes, I am protecting the shard, just from a different point of view! Now following meeeeee.”

The Specter hovered along the tomb’s passageway as Caliko and Polonius followed. “Um, Mister Ghost, how did you come to be here?” She asked, wanting to break the awkward silence.

“IIIII was a war elephant rider and defended Pronteraaaaa from Morocc’s forces before my untimely demisssse,” the Specter said, “When I came to, I was in this place, and have been here for over 500 yearsssss.”

“War elephant rider?” Caliko said.

“Yessss, we had those back in the dayyyy. I named mine Egeus. I never saw him againnn since the battle. But be warned! I am not alonnnnne...many who fought on both sides of the battle live here toooo, including evil spirits! One such spirit as assumed the form of Morocc and is responsible for the deaths of manyyyy who have come before you.”

“I was almost killed by that guy just now!” Caliko said.

“Yeeeessssss, and I can’t help you if you’re not careful! Now, through here…”

The three entered a large chamber that was so silent that Caliko could almost hear her own heartbeat. As they proceeded further in, ghostly whispers filled the room as spectral smoke seeped through the cracks in the walls…点击链接观看视频

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