Tuesday, Dec 5
From Free-to-Play to PAID, by Gameloft's honest U-Turn.
This new iOS-exclusive Sonic game is a speed demon and high-score chaser’s dream.
Fight in the new 30v30 Revenant Uprising LTM as a Legend or as Revenant's army. Loba’s new Prestige Skin “Apex Lycanthrope” is coming.
Wednesday, Dec 6
This Super Mario RPG-style adventure looks like a Cartoon Network show come to life.
3 brand-new 6v6 MP Maps, Gunfight and All or Nothing MP modes return, Season 1 is coming soon.
Thursday, Dec 7
Discover the unseen Pandora, a vibrant first-person world, blending with standalone story in Ubisoft's new Avatar game.
New season "Filminations in the Frost" is coming, letting players get their hands on 4 new monsters.
Friday, Dec 8
Bouncing between a CoD zombies style and GTA style, one of Steam's top wishlisted games finally gets closer to its early access.
Hit the pause button. More coming soon.